Team mom Diane Tanner.  Definitely a champion!!

A Shout Out to THE MOMS

“Behind every great man is a great mother.”   Abraham Lincoln

While we scurry around the house last minute helping our wrestler find essential items for their meet and race them to the bus on time, there are MOMS at Costco loading carts with food and snacks for the whole wrestling team. 

While we sit in the car waiting for our wrestler to get out of practice, there are MOMS cooking food for the team’s overnight event, making sure the wrestlers get a healthy, wrestler-friendly meal. 

As we tuck our wrestler in bed at night (and wonder if that nasty smell is coming from their wrestling bag), wrestling MOMS update emails and schedules, respond to parent’s urgent inquiries, arrange snacks for tournaments, design and order banners, write copy for the website, upload pictures, plan ceremonies, plan celebrations, write cards and make gifts among a host of other things.  

Behind all the coaching, practicing and wrestling, there are dedicated MOMS who go above and beyond so our wrestling team can have a more than fantastic wrestling season.  

Thank you, Diane Tanner, for being our team MOM this year.

Thank you to other MOMS as well who are also making time to serve the team (you’ll see them around carrying snacks, trays of food, filling ice chests, etc.).

And yes, THANK YOU to all  the other MOMS, DADS and FAMILY who are also serving the team in many ways!  We’ve got a good team here.

Go Eagles!


Angi Asistin bringing sandwiches to the wrestlers at Battle at the Border.

Angi Asistin, Robert Tanner, Diane Tanner and Ellen Kawaguchi helping serve homemade taco salad to the wrestlers. 

Angi Asistin, Diane Tanner and Mike Treacy helping serve homemade taco salad to the wrestlers. 

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